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Key Features of IICS

Higher purpose

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own. Education is a perpetually and mutually rewarding process, and Indus International Community School - with its integrated model - is an effort by the Indus Trust to give back, and sow the seeds for a brighter and better future. As Marian Wright Edelman has famously said, "Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it." Such is the foundation on which IICS is built.


  • TEACHER TRAINING THROUGH ITARI - At the Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI), teachers undergo thorough training, through customized and planned modules, to equip them with the necessary knowledge and methods to make them better teachers. Here they are provided pre-service training that focuses on inclusiveness and sensitivity. Training topics include the complexities of imparting integrated education to IICS children, with training modules that focus specifically on teaching children with learning difficulties and language problems (SEN and ESL).


  • SMART BOARDS - installing and using interactive Smart Boards in every classroom facilitates learning in diverse ways through the use of interactive technology. Each student uses a PC/laptop.

  • VIDEO GAMES - Stimulating the learning process with visual aids like game-based learning enhances visual literacy and stimulates brain-based learning.

  • MULTIMEDIA - Having a data centre to access multimedia, learning resources in the local language, and using the mobile phone innovatively, all serve educational purposes in a technologically skilled generation.


  • ESL - English is the medium of instruction. English as a Second Language (ESL) support is available to those who require it.


  • INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM - The State Board Curriculum upto Grade 6 is imparted through the IB Primary Years methodology, as it is an inclusive curriculum, with a global perspective. This enables students to explore the cultures of the world and aesthetics, with a spirit of inquiry and independence.

  • FUTURE STUDIES - Students are exposed to futuristic vocations that prepare them not for jobs tomorrow, but for jobs beyond tomorrow. The liberal arts, like Literature, Philosophy, History and the Performing arts have a significant role to play because they constitute the culture of a land and the depict the evolution of its people.

  • CULTURAL ASSIMILATION AND EXCHANGE - There are frequent opportunities for multi-cultural assimilation for these students, since IISB students belonging to several nationalities interact with them through many joint initiatives like sports, cultural events, community initiatives, peer teaching-learning programmes and leadership camps common to both.


  • AWARENESS AND SENSITIZATION - Emphasizing to parents the need for their child's education, the facilitation and understanding required from their end at home, and on the aspects of physical and psychological hygiene that they need to observe and promote.

How is the IICS model unique?

  • It is more technology driven than any other such venture
  • It is the only model to use a 3 tier teacher approach
  • It is the only model where its teachers are provided customized pre-service and in-service training programs by the organization's own teacher training institute.
  • It is possibly the only IB school catering to the rural poor, without compromising on facilities.
  • It is the only model with an integrated Leadership module being disseminated by the organization's own school of leadership.
  • It is a model where sensitization happens both ways, with an on-going connection between its students and those of its better-funded mother school.
  • Its students will be aligned to vocations of the future, and will stretch the envelope as far as career stereotypes are concerned.

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