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Indus International community school is a centre of excellence for technology, English and Vocational skills. We at IICS aim to ensure all round development of the students, both academically, in sports and other areas, in order to assist them in becoming global citizens and prospective leaders. The vision and mission statement of the school is along the same lines of Indus International School, where we aim to create global citizens and leaders of tomorrow, 21st century citizens who think globally and act locally, through the traditional values of love, empathy, discipline and respect.

The facilities offered are:

  • Has state-of- the-art smart classrooms, equipped with the latest technology in classroom learning.
  • Every classroom has an interactive smart-board connected to an LCD projector and the internet. Every desk for students has a multimedia station connected to the internet and comes with the best technological support available.
  • To streamline academic rigor, the daily lesson plans include EBSCO research and Virtual reality
  • Coding and Scratch programming has been introduced this year to improve the problem-solving skills and to learn basic programming at a younger age.
  • Library – A variety of books are available which enables the children to borrow books and boost their reading habits.
  • Availability of Science park helps the students to connect the science experiments to real life situations.
  • Indus school of leadership conducts leadership camp every year to train the students in reflection through outbound activities
  • Every child in IICS is encouraged to be involved and participate in various sports events such as Athletics, Equestrian sport like show jumping, basketball, kick boxing, yoga etc,